Flip Diving

Version: 3.5.20
Unlimited money
App Name Flip Diving
Package Name com.motionvolt.flipdiving
Genre Sports
Size 100.74 MB
Latest Version 3.5.20
MOD Info
Unlimited money
Update Tue Jun 28 2022


Flip Diving MOD APK is a sports game that looks risky but not risky at all. In the game, you play a character who loves altitude and is always ready to perform unique and dangerous acrobatics like never before. Let’s take a look at the game before diving into its entertainment world.

Flip Diving: Extremely interesting water acrobatics for the hot summer

Acrobatics game for tropical summer days

Are you wishing you could go on a long trip to immerse yourself in the cool water of the sea, or simply enjoy a cool breeze at a certain height? Do you also have an extreme sports addiction in your body but just not having conditions to play yet? Well let me tell you, you absolutely have two basic criteria to play Flip Diving.

In the game, you will perform one task only: jumping and doing somersaults, then land in the water safely. There is nothing more stimulating than a perfect incarnation into a professional acrobat with artistic acrobatics. Now, are you guys ready for a round of the game?

With extremely fast and simple gameplay, the game is entertaining without brainstorming

Below the screen there are two buttons: the one with the multiplayer icon is used to change the character selection. Even if you are acrobats, you also have countless types of heroes to choose from: from muscular athletic looks to mysterious taciturn businessmen, or even singers, musicians, athletes in other sports. Those who like something weirder can choose mascots: penguins, Teddy bears, and more.

Whoever you choose, the acrobatics also follow the following control principles:

  • Press and hold anywhere
  • Press and hold to tuck
  • Release to straighten out

In front of you will usually be a gold coin. Jumping a bit far or near the edge of the rock for a little bit of challenging acrobatics will help you to get this gold coin. Then when you plunge into the water and touch the water, the score will immediately appear with certain praise or the words Backflop bluntly.

The game is harder than you think

In the beginning, you will jump into the water from a big, low cliff. The higher level you get, the higher the altitude is, the more undulating the ledges become, which makes the experience of jumping accurately and safely become much more difficult. That’s the first challenge in this super-succinct sports game.

A level only lasts almost a few seconds, if you are really familiar with the manipulation. The other requirement is to aim for the drop point and bounce up correctly to at least fall Right on, not Backflop.

And later on, these non-bungee acrobatics will develop to the point where they were no longer jumping on the original solid cliffs. They will be on a craggy wooden bridge, atop a speeding canoe or the spire of a church… Anything, any situation is possible in Flip Diving.

One more small but entertaining motivation in the middle of the screen is: you can freely interact with the objects related to the jump that are present around such as rubber bands, wooden bridges, wooden boards…

Sound and graphics

Let’s talk about the sound first. In the bright, energetic, and enthusiastic scene of the game, the exciting sound is an indispensable part. The background music is cheerful, youthful, without words but has a very good mood-boosting effect. Accompanied with it are small, simple sound effects that pop up in the interactive collisions between you and the objects around the long jump. The sound of the water splashing especially when you complete the acrobatics sounds very cool, catchy.

As for the graphics, I call them the tropical-short-brightest game among the sports games I’ve ever experienced. Give a big thanks to the 3D graphics in the game.

The graphic effect of Flip Diving is most evident through the selection of characters. Each character will have their own weaknesses and physical advantages, which are revealed as soon as they are ready to jump. The movements of rolling, folding, tossing, and jumping are all very smooth and neat, which makes it easy to see and control as possible for players. Plus, the water splashing effect creates a climax and a great sense of reward for the players.

The surrounding scenery and the details that support the jump are also huge plus of this game. Beautiful, diverse scenes that we can never see before, detailed and sharp 3D scene graphics, high logic and realism, all will make you unable to leave the screen even when each level is only a few seconds.

MOD APK version of Flip Diving

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

You get a lot of money after completing one level.

Download Flip Diving MOD APK for Android

Just toss, jump high and safely land into the water. Let’s prove yourself you can do it. Download Flip Diving to play now for entertainment without brainstorming.