My Time at Portia

Version: 1.0.11072
App Name My Time at Portia
Package Name com.pathea.mtap
Genre Simulation
Size 1.16 GB
Latest Version 1.0.11072
MOD Info
Update Wed Jul 13 2022


My time at Portia

My time at Portia Mod APK is a simulated RPG game developed for players. This is not only a simulated business game, but also a simulated business RPG sandbox game that combines workshop business, RPG and other elements. Players run workshops, RPG battles, collect, dig and cut down, collect resources and explore new areas in the my time at portia apk. 


Rich gameplay combined with sandbox game experience enables players to collect resources by cutting, collecting, digging, fighting, planting and breeding, and process them in their own workshops, so as to complete the order tasks of the townspeople, and make the workshops better and better with the pace of town reconstruction.come and download my time at portia mod apk (download happymod my time at portia mod apk )


The background of my time at portia is designed after the end of the world, when the population of the world is already very small, and the relics left by pre-civilization are everywhere. The story takes place in a remote town called Portia, where the protagonist comes to inherit an old workshop left by his father. As a simulated business game, taking the production order and completing the commission to get the reward is the necessary survival means in the happymod download my time at portia apk.

With the development of my time at portia android apk, the content of orders that players can receive is more abundant, and the manufacturing difficulty and required materials are gradually rising. With the improvement of manufacturing requirements, there are more things that players need to do in happymod apk download my time at portia android apk. Players need to explore the ruins of pre-civilization, collect resources, take orders and build things in the game, so as to run this workshop well, and at the same time make the whole town more beautiful with the progress of my time at portia mod apk.


The background of my time at portia mod apk (happymod mod apk) is set in the port town "Portia", which gradually recovered after the last days. There are many ruins and rich mineral resources here. The map is very large, and the completion of the main plot can unlock the core gameplay of the new regional game, that is, running a workshop.  Compared with the general simulation operation, my time at portia apk obb pays more attention to exploration and collection. Come and download my time at portia android apk !

The ultimate goal of the game is to develop your own workshop. Players can be exposed to various ways of collecting resources, such as collecting, digging, cutting, cooking, fighting and so on. With the progress, the materials to be collected will become more and more complex, and new tools and functions will be unlocked, more products will be produced, the production process will be more efficient, and even automation will be realized in the later stage.



The NPC of my time at portia mod apk happymod 2022 lastest mod apk will have its own unique behaviors, such as going to school, going to work, having fun and so on. Players can also cultivate feelings with NPC and even get married. Daily greetings, gifts, etc. can get good feelings. When good feelings increase, they can unlock deeper relationships, progress to love and marriage, and trigger a series of independent plots. Having a good relationship with NPC can also enjoy many benefits in my time at portia apk download, such as price concessions or gift feedback.



From the past post-apocalyptic world, the collapse of civilization and order, the barren and barren land, the mutant and dangerous unknown life, and the revealing of human survival instinct and humanity can be seen everywhere in my time at portia mod apk unlimited money.


The colorful and bright game pictures are presented by cartoon rendering, which outlines a vibrant and contented pastoral life for the players. The soothing music is accompanied by the blue sky and the sea, overlooking the lush forests and unique town buildings from a distance. My time at portia android apk download gives players a unique and novel feeling, and makes them realize that they can even live such a pleasant pastoral life in the last days of post-apocalypse.