Stickman Legends

Version: 2.8.4
Menu/Unlimited money/God mode/Unlocked hero
App Name Stickman Legends
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Genre Action
Size 116.49 MB
Latest Version 2.8.4
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Menu/Unlimited money/God mode/Unlocked hero
Update Fri Jul 29 2022



Stickman Legends is a free to play offline action role playing game. Become a hero fighting hordes of evil enemies, take part in epic battles, develop your hero and use powerful set of skills. Stickman Legends features similar graphical style and fighting mechanism to other stickman games. Stickman Legends can be downloaded from for free. 



The basic rules of Stickman Legends are simple and easy to understand. Select your hero and defeat all enemies you can spot using your basic attacks and special skills. The game features many modes. The basic mode is a campaing which is devided into 6 acts. Each act consists of 15 missions during which you will face various enemies, challenges and bosses. Therefore you will fight your way through undead castle, devil forest, frost mountain, death’s bay, dragon cave and spider swamp. For each completed mission you will receive coins and exclusive rewards. Except for the campaign mode, you can take part in challenge mode and player versus player mode. Challenge mode has three types of challenges: survival (in which you have to survive as many enemy waves as possible), trick mode (in which difficulty depends on your luck) and raid. Player versus player mode features ladder battle (a mode in which you will fight with 50 other players), arena and duel. Long campaign and many modes will provide you with dozens of hours of fun.



Stickman Legends features seven various heroes for you to play. Each player has an unique background, design and set of skills. Moreover, every character has dozens of constumes.

  • Shido – a young warrior swordsman. He has an ability to summon fire dragon to help you, jump into air and roll cutting everything with his sword, summon ice dragon who fly over and deal massive damage to all enemies.
  • Bernald Griggs – the guardian leader of a castle. He is using his sledgehammer to smash skulls of his enemies. He can turn himself into a tornado dealing damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Ignite – a famous gunner equipped with many firearms. She can use flamethrower to burn enemies with continuos damage or use a laser gun to deal damage to all enemies in front of her.
  • Raven – a mage from a sacred and ancient forest. Raven uses mystic powers to attack enemies. She can summon a powerful guardian and release all magic power to destroy everything around.
  • Misral – a leader princess of the noble descrent of the Elf race. She can shot many arrows at one time and create a bloody arrow rain.
  • Hason – a spearman and warmaniac. A machine to kill. He is sacrificing himself to get more power.



Killing ememies not only gives you coins but also points of experience. Use them to level up and develop your skills. Improve your basic attack, learn life stealing, improve your EXP gain and more. Each skill level will improve your output. You can also also upgrade your equipment attack, defense, health points and critical damage.



Download Stickman Legends and become a hero destroying forces of evil. Level up and improve your equipment by killing undead skeletons, orcs, spiders and other creatures. Download Stickman Legends on now!